Target Marketing recently surveyed its readers (including NonProfitPro) regarding their expected use of various marketing tactics and technologies in 2017.

From a list of 22 tactics/technologies, here are those where 40% or more of marketers expect to increase their budgets:

Top Marketing Tactics for 2017

  • Content marketing (blogs. white papers, infographics, etc) — 59%
  • Online video — 50%
  • Personalisation — 47%
  • Lead nurturing — 44%
  • Mobile-optimized website — 44%
  • Data analysis and visualisation tools — 42%

50% of the respondent marketers worked for organisations with $5 million or less in annual revenue, and another 22% had revenue in the $5-$50 million range, comparable to the playing field of most nonprofits. And their preferences show a direct marketing tilt.

The only surprise to me was the ranking of mobile-optimized websites, which I would have expected right at #1 or #2, given the rapidly increasing proportion of web browsing occurring on hand-held devices combined with the fact that so many purchases these days (including retail) are made after online research.

What are the top five or six tactics getting more attention at your place?



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