Here from Dave Dutch of web consulting and software firm Vignette, via Mediapost, is the most gushing vision I’ve seen lately of the role of online video in a corporate setting. He refers to the "video-centric enterprise." But think about the applications for your "video-centric nonprofit" as I quote at length:


"Video’s importance … can transform every aspect of an organization, from sales, marketing and communications to investor relations, employee training and education.

Externally, companies can better engage customers, partners and prospects with product demonstrations, presentations and how-to videos. Apple recently rolled out a 30-minute video – part guide, part advertisement – to accompany its new iPhone. Blendtec, the household appliance maker, attributes a 700% increase in revenue to its popular "Will it Blend?" webisodes.

Beyond the marketing examples, investors will be able to access corporate data in video form, whether it is an annual meeting, a message from the CEO or a video news release. Video archives will likely play a vital role in meeting federal compliance requirements.

Internally, video will become a primary form of communication. Think of a broadcast greeting embedded in a personal email or executive video memos — the latter of which is already being done by early video adopters such as British Telecom. Video libraries will usher in a new phase of knowledge sharing and best practices, as employees access huge repositories of education and training videos.

The most sophisticated online video practitioners will become a de facto corporate broadcast network constantly issuing its news and information to customers, employees and partners."

I think Dave is spot on. I know if I were looking — in the midst of a depressing economy — to retain and energize my nonprofit’s best donors, I’d want them to see and hear "face-to-face" from my CEO and top program folks (at least from our strongest communicators) a re-affirmation of our mission … an online video would be the affordable and compelling way to do it.


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