Believe it or not, those three words — Thanks in advance — have magical properties.

Which this post is actually testing … I’ll come back to that in a moment.

Every fundraiser knows the importance of timely donor thank you’s.

But when it comes to online fundraising, turns out that it might be very helpful to thank in advance … 38% more helpful in fact.

Email software firm Boomerang looked at the response rates for over 350,000 emails, most asking for some sort of reply. As reported in Neuromarketing, here’s what they found:

“The analysis showed that emails ending with some variation of thanks (“thanks, thank you, or thanks in advance”) had the highest percentage of response rates, with a final total of 62%. In comparison, emails that closed without some variation of thank you (“regards,” “best,” etc.) had a response rate of just 46%.”

Here’s a bit more detail:

Pretty convincing … thanks in advance.

As for my test — if it works as an ending, does it work as an opener? I’ll be watching the open rate on the email delivering this post, and will report back on a week or so.

I thanked you in advance … and now I’m thanking you again for reading The Agitator today.


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