It’s not easy to trigger a successful viral marketing campaign.

But here, from blogger B.L Ochman, is a good overview of do’s and dont’s. With lots of resource links as well as examples of successful — and failed — online video campaigns.

In a nutshell, what do you need for a successful viral campaign? Says Ochman:

o Knockout creative that’s funny, shocking, intriguing or surprising
o An idea customers can relate to and care about
o A clearcut message so people are able to pass it on with one sentence
o An easy way to pass it on – a link, embedding code, "share this" button, email to a friend, etc.
o A concept that builds relationships with customers by getting them to interact
o Measurable outcomes – as in: what is this campaign hoping to accomplish and how will we measure it?
o A seeding plan to get the campaign started.

Most fun for me was looking at her illustrative videos, from the Cadbury gorilla to Burger King’s legendary Subservient Chicken (442 million views in 12 months).


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