I’ll bet most fundraisers — together with each and every commercial marketer on the planet — will send out more email solicitations in 2009 than you ever have before. The email In-boxes of prospects and donors will be inundated as never before.

How can you help your email campaigns penetrate the e-chaos and be more effective?

Here is one of the best tip lists I’ve seen, from Chip House at ExactTarget, a firm providing email and one-to-one marketing services. Chip’s advice:

1. Differentiate to survive — stand out or else … I stole the title of this post from his opening illustration.

2. Honor the subscriber — offer your donors options and preferences … then honor them.

3. Leverage the "unmarketing" — keep in mind that every e-communication should be helping to build a relationship.

4. Engage or cut bait — analyze response (and non-response) of all kinds, and tailor further communications accordingly.

5. Leverage email marketing technology — your e-marketing tools should permit robust analysis, tracking, personalization, etc with which to fine-tune your targeting and offers. Use those tools.

But read for yourself.


P.S. Can’t get enough? More email tips from Whitney Hutchinson at Razorfish. And more tips from Chad White at Smith-Harmon. If you’re still not sure about online fundraising (Eeek!), read Debunking Five Myths of Online Fundraising by Thon Morse at KIMBIA.


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