Here’s a report from Nielsen that 23% of all mobile phone users (or 58 millon users) have been exposed to advertising on their phones in the past 30 days.

  • Half (51% or 28 million) of those who recall seeing mobile advertising in the previous 30 days say they responded in some way.
  • Teens, Asian-Americans and African-Americans are among those with highest recall.
  • 26% of those who saw an ad responded at least once by sending an SMS text-message, the most popular as response.

Despite these response figures, the same report indicates that only 10% of users think advertising on their mobile devices is acceptable! Go figure.

I confess to being an old codger … so woe to the advertiser that finds their way onto my cell phone uninvited.

But what about you and your nonprofit … are you ready to experiment with mobile messaging? Have any experiences you’d like to share? Try Mobile Active for ideas.



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