Over on Convio’s blog, Connection Cafe, their staff has been comparing the websites of Obama and McCain on key attributes like accessibility, ease and clarity of navigation, and — of most interest to me — engagement features and pathways.Online politicking pundits, like the folks at TechPresident (who, BTW, are doing a brilliant job of reporting and critiquing from numerous perspectives the online strategies and tactics of the campaigns), have been gushing about the scope and creativity of presidential campaign efforts to engage and empower supporters via the web.Indeed, for some of us, these sites, as they push the engagement envelope and perhaps overload on bells & whistles, are offering more involvement than we’d ever care to have with a campaign! But that’s a key point … offer different strokes for different folks. Just make it very easy for your supporter to find their own level of engagement.So, without question, all nonprofits, but especially issue advocacy groups, should be studying these sites.And the analyses offered at Convio Connection are a great place to start. Having looked at the three areas mentioned above, Convio’s current “score” favors Obama’s site over McCain’s, 2 to 1.See if you agree … and, more importantly, apply Convio’s critiques to your own site.Convio Connection, you deserve a raise! I hope you’ll do more of these.Tom

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