I stumbled upon a planning report from ad agency Young & Rubicam that offers nine social trend predictions that Y&R believes marketers must address. None of the predictions relate specifically to fundraising, but I think you’ll see some implications here.

Besides, it’s Friday … time to stretch your brain a bit beyond all that fundraising minutiae.

Here are Y&R’s predictions.

1. Your smartphone will know you are sick before you do.

mHealth apps — the 3rd largest growing apps category — will detect anything from impending heart attacks to depression taking hold.

2. You will fall in love with a robot.

His name will be Roger and he’ll harangue you about donor retention! One artificial intelligence guru predicts human-to-robot marriage will become legal in some parts of the US by 2050.

3. Performance enhancing drugs will fuel the workplace.

Hmmm! This prediction clearly relates to fundraising. Doesn’t that sound like your office already? A pill called Provigil, approved only for narcolepsy and sleep apnea, has been nicknamed “Viagra for the brain” with sales increasing 73% in the past four years.

4. The next civil war will be a generational one.

There’s an economic catastrophe on the horizon, and the young and able-bodied will be pitted against the old and retired. The projected gap in 2075 between federal spending and tax revenue is $211 trillion!

5. Boomers will leave the country to seek treatment for chronic diseases.

In 2015, the country will have 62,900 fewer doctors than needed, and that shortage will more than double by 2025.

6. Young adults will reject the Ivy League, choosing to be auto mechanics.

The ROI on a college education has been eroding.

7. Items will no longer have one price, they will have your price.

Hmmm! Didn’t The Agitator invent this with our ‘name your own’ subscription price?! The average person has over 3,000 bits of personal information stored about him/her every week.

8. People will communicate through animated GIFs.

Videos are shared 12 times more than links and text posts combined.

9. You’ll be living with your parents when you’re 50.

And that will give ‘inter-generational transfer’ an entirely new meaning! Forget the bequest.

Enjoy. Any trend Y&R missed that you’d like to bring to our attention?






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