Yesterday we wrote about delivering impact through visuals, with the focus being photos, infographics, even cartoons.

But let’s not forget video … specifically, online and mobile video.

Here’s a study that looked at viewer data from 150 videos used in online ads in the Q4 2012. About 730,000 individuals watched these videos, yielding a heap of viewer behavior for analysis. The video types included movie trailers, TV commercials and (perhaps closest to our purposes) product presentations.

Some results …

  • Video is most popular ad feature – 43% of ads have video
  • Video length – 80% of videos are shorter than 1 minute; 46% shorter than 30 seconds, average video length is 45 seconds
  • Videos encourage more engagement – 14.4% of viewers interacted with the ad by playing the video
  • Video offers exceptional completion rate – Nearly 1/2 of all viewers (47.8%) watched the entire video

The authors comment on mobile video as the growth area, noting that more videos are being created specifically for that channel, and that these can have completion rates “north of 80%”.

And one behavior that will resonate with direct mail folks … video viewers tend to either drop off after a few seconds, or watch the entire video. My interpretation: Attention span, whether seconds watching a video or time devoted to reading a multi-page letter, is all about relevance.




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