Agitator reader Ally Penn pointed me enthusiastically to an app called Azigo. So I’m trying it out.

You begin by signing-up for any brands you encounter online — well, those you’d like to hear from again — by using a personal Azigo email address. If you are already on various email marketing lists, you simply transfer those to your Azigo address. Azigo will then intercept and aggregate all their future email pitches sent your way into a Pinterest-like format. You then log on to Azigo whenever you wish to scan through all the marketing messages.

For me, that cleans out a heap of distracting emails from my in-box … emails I might in the past simply have deleted to eliminate the clutter. Later, if I have Agitator creative block (and am in a buying frame of mind), I can go check out all those offers I might actually be interested in from Amazon or Patagonia etc, all collected in one place.

Then I got a bright (?) idea … what if I put all the nonprofits whose newsletters, action alerts etc (translate: fundraising pitches, as we all know!) into an Azigo email account? A place where they could all collect for my leisure viewing, without obscuring the handful of real people who occasionally try to contact me (yes Fred Krupp, I know you’re a real person).

So I’ve done that … and voila! It works. All the alerts and pitches in one place, with a cool visual presentation.

I’m a happy camper.

But I’ll concede … online fundraisers and rabble-rousers might not be happy about this.

First, I’m now viewing your URGENT messages on my schedule (missing the deadlines for many of those “Only 12 hours left for your gift to be matched 100 times” offers).

Second, even worse, I’m viewing your desperate need alongside several others! Talk about survival of the fittest!

All of this illustrates once again that the power has shifted to the consumer/donor. For many, their most precious possession is their time (i.e., attention). Tools like Azigo reflect and address this reality. Get used to it folks.


P.S. Thanks Ally

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