Yesterday I talked about the challenge for nonprofits in offering donors and prospects the opportunity to actually "touch" and "experience" their organizations. The assumption being that such closer connection would benefit fundraising.

Here’s a terrific example, albeit in a category that has lots of tangibles to offer its audience — a museum. In this case, the Brooklyn Museum. Take a look at their new 1stfans program, which I originally read about in Fundraising Success.

As this article by program co-creator and manager William Cary indicates, this level of in-person and online interaction is hugely labor intensive. The Brooklyn Museum is using the program to attract new engagement from two target groups that have not historically shown interest in Museum "membership." As I look through the program, I question directing such a major investment to what is effectively prospecting, as opposed to adding value for and deepening the engagement of existing donors.

But, I love the concept and look forward to hearing more about how the program plays out … and whether the current focus turns out to deliver a successful return on investment.

Meantime, Will Carey and Shelley Bernstein at the Brookyn Museum, this is innovative thinking … you deserve a raise!


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