Yesterday we talked about the power of the Post-it note.

Today, something even more powerful … handwriting.

[Online fundraisers can tune out now.]

Here’s a paean to handwriting by copywriter Karen Zapp: Why Direct Mail — the more personal the better — Will Not Die.

Karen asks: “Would you send a sympathy card with a typed message on the inside? If you answered ‘yes,’ I’d be stunned and deeply disappointed.”

Her post gives all the reasons why handwriting is so effective. But as she says, it all adds up to this: “Handwriting communicates value – specifically, that YOU value the donor.”

Her advice: “Whether it’s adding a handwritten note onto a typed letter . . . or writing a handwritten thank-you card . . . or enclosing a handwritten note to a major donor with an article on a topic of great interest to them . . . or anything in between, you send a loud and clear message that you value the donor receiving your handwritten message.”

Amen Karen.


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