I know … "Belford, we’re sweating making our fundraising budget this year, 2009 looks even more challenging, and you’re blogging on targeting Hispanics … what planet are you living on?!

Fine, spend 90% of your efforts on paying the rent. But unless your nonprofit is prepared to hang a "No Hispanics Wanted Here" sign on its front door, you better be devoting some mind share to this surging constituency.

Notice I said "mind share." Maybe 2009 is in fact a year to spend money against "tried and true" fundraising programs. But that doesn’t mean you need to turn your brain off.

For example, you might devote a few minutes a week in the coming year to browsing MediaPost’s blog focused on marketing to Hispanics … Engage: Hispanics. Fittingly, the last post I saw was from a Hispanic interactive agency guy urging his colleagues to resolve to get their act together for 2009, especially with respect to digital media.

Instead of spending your holidays wallowing in dismal economic news — you’ve probably done enough of that — try thinking a bit about new worlds to explore!


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