Agitator readers know how infatuated I am with online video as a tool for fundraising storytelling.

Here’s a tool — Popcorn Maker — that could revolutionize how you tell tell stories online with video.

In essence, Popcorn lets you take a video, then amplify its content with other pertinent content — photos, links to articles, maps, etc. Just about anything can be loaded in.

So if you’re talking in the video about a project in Africa you need funded, you could load in a map of its location, some photographs further illustrating the need/your work, a recent media article praising the effectiveness of your organization’s work, a deeper background article, a link to your Donate page. Each of these other elements goes ‘live’ if the viewer clicks on the item. And if the link is to a dynamic source (e.g., a live feed), the content will change each time the link in the video is used.

It’s an amazing open application, working on any web browser.

I wish I could demonstrate it right now, but I’m still learning the ropes.

Here’s a TED presentation by the developer (it’s from Mozilla). And here’s a tutorial even I can comprehend!

Something for our US readers to play with over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Roger and I will be taking a couple of days off.

Happy Thanksgiving!


P.S. Thanks to Kristina Brzezinski at FINCA for the tip. We join her in asking … have any Agitator readers tried Popcorn yet?

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