I see that Nick Allen of Donordigital has merged with David Fenton of Fenton Communications. These guys “get” the necessity and efficacy of integrating online and offline advocacy and fundraising strategies.

Nick has always been a new media pioneer.

I met him in the early 80's when he was trying to do something I was beating my brains out to get advocacy clients to try … using video to raise money for causes! Nick was doing it to end US wars in Central America. In those days, quaint rules like the Fairness Doctrine actually worked perversely to make it virtually impossible even to buy your way onto the airwaves with a controversial message. Cable TV, and specifically Ted Turner, was just beginning to offer an alternative to broadcasters for issue advocates.

But what we really needed was an Internet! And more clients with Nick's curiosity and enthusiasm for trying something new.

David organized for me the launching press conference for Turner's Better World Society in 1985. I still remember his courageous attempt to “coach” Ted! He's ably represented scores of hugely important and successful causes over the past 25 years.

I can't think of two smarter, more imaginative guys to entrust the marketing of a cause to. And now that they're on the same team (again) blending their talents, even better.


P.S. Both of them are peace-loving guys … not sure how they'll feel about my calling them grenade throwers.

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