Just as I’m building my Agitator collection of favorite fundraising videos, I’ve more recently been on the watch for great fundraising infographics.

You probably don’t need convincing that infographics are a powerful way to communicate facts and figures (but just in case).

That said, I’ve seen more related to the fundraising process and tactics  (usually prepared by fundraising consultants), and fewer prepared by nonprofits communicating the programmatic results of their efforts.

Here’s a ‘five favorite’ collection of infographics proffered by the StayClassy blog. I’ve published one teaser example below, from nonprofithub, on the importance of monthly giving.

View the rest, including one from UNICEF Australia, at StayClassy.

To build-up my Agitator collection, I’d especially appreciate more examples from nonprofits using infographics to tell their story.

Whaddya got out there?


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