Unlike Roger, who sings its praises, I confess to no personal experience with face-to-face fundraising … other than as a consumer.

So I was pleased to get this article — 8 things you should know before starting Face-to-Face fundraising — from Terry van den Bemt and Willemien Melis of Pepperminds in The Netherlands.

His bits of advice cover the super-importance of training, reinforcing with digital and other channels, measuring everything, planning for scale, and more.

From Terry I can certainly appreciate Face-to-Face as the ultimate in direct response fundraising … by definition, there’s no way to get closer to a prospect … or to escape their verdict on your cause or proposition!

And I was blown away by this video he included, showing how digital technology can dramatically support Face-to-Face. In this example, Amnesty canvassers in a Stockholm plaza collected petition signatures on an iPad, which immediately transferred and displayed them on a digital billboard overlooking the plaza. How cool — and more, importantly, reinforcing — is that!

Thanks Terry and Willemien. You get an Agitator raise!


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