Or more to the point: Does Gen Jones know your nonprofit exists?Generation Jones is the demographically “lost” generation nestled between the bulk of Boomers and Gen Xers. This folks were born between 1954 and 1965, effectively the last 9-10 years of the Boomer generation (officially defined as 1946-1964).Here is a website devoted to Gen Jones. It features a great video compilation of various political pundits and columnists expounding on how Gen Jones represents the swing segment in this year’s presidential election. Barack Obama and Sarah Palin are both Gen Jonesers.Unlike the front edge of the official Boomer category to which they officially belong, Jonesers’ formative political years did NOT include Vietnam, and Watergate would only have registered on the politically precocious. Instead, they witnessed the vanquishing of Jimmy Carter by Ronald Reagan and the full bloom of a twelve-year Republican interregnum.The pundits say the Jonesers will be shaping political fashions for a long time to come. If true, that means their attitudes will also frame the issues and debates that animate the cause advocacy world.So nonprofit communicators and fundraisers beware … are you keeping up with the Joneses?Tom 

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