Normally I read MarketingProfs to keep abreast of what the smartest of the corporate/commercial marketers are doing, occasionally sifting out some nuggets applicable to our (generally) slower-moving nonprofit sector.

But here’s an article from MarketingProfs that purports to turn the tables — These Six Nonprofit Strategies Will Supercharge Your For-Profit Business. Interestingly, this author perceives ‘customer relations’ as the key area where nonprofits have an impressive story to tell. [Methinks he’s been reading too much about donor-centricity!]

Does that square with your experience?

Here are his six admirable strategies of nonprofits:

  1. Connect on a deeper level — “Successful nonprofit value propositions go beyond fulfilling daily tactical needs; they fulfill emotional ones. That connection, when nurtured and sustained, engenders loyalty, creates advocates and ambassadors, and, when needed, provides some margin for forgiveness if things go awry.”
  2. Focus on relationships, not transactions — “For businesses, a focus on relationships encourages repeat customers, lowers the cost of doing business, increases margins, and facilitates cross-selling; moreover, again, it is instrumental in building a corps of ambassador-advocates.”
  3. Know your customers and prospects — “For nonprofits, getting to know their current and prospective constituents has never been an elective. Because no one has to go to the ballet, visit nature sanctuaries, or even care about hunger in neighborhoods one may never visit. It’s imperative, therefore, that nonprofits get to know their current and prospective clients, customers, and donors––and understand the rational and emotional drivers that connect, or could connect, these people to the organization.”
  4. Understand the ‘distance’ constituents are from you … so you can move them closer — Using an orchestra nonprofit as example, “the organization’s success depends, in part, on moving a single ticket buyer to become a subscriber, then annual fund donor, then major donor.”
  5. Invest in the master brand — “Nonprofits can’t build a diverse raft of offerings, initiatives, or names (especially non-self-explanatory ones) into meaningful, recognizable brands: They haven’t the time, money, or opportunities. Instead, they must sell from the top down (master brand > offering).” The author is suggesting that the nonprofit ‘blessing’ is that most groups have too little money to get unwisely involved in a distracting mash-up of competing offers and initiatives. [I’m not too sure about that!]
  6. Run a tight — and motivated — ship — “Nonprofits are often efficient because they are forced to do more with fewer resources. Nonprofits also have to stretch every communication dollar. For them, the integration of print, digital, environmental, and social communications is the only way to ensure that every communication dollar reinforces every other one.”

Wow … I wish! Do you recognise that nonprofit?




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