Only 21 more days to #GivingTuesday, and boy am I counting them!

I’m not sure I can endure the unbridled enthusiasm, the sheer ecstasy, the pulsing anticipation with which fundraisers will approach the next three weeks as they prepare for the Big Day.

I guess I can understand it …

Three weeks to NOT think about atrocious renewal/retention rates.

Three weeks to NOT think about steadily declining acquisition rates.

Three weeks to NOT worry about the multitude of warnings in the recent Vital Signs report from Blackbaud, such as: the total number of donor households making charitable gifts declined 7% over the past decade … from 23 million down to 21.4 million.

Three weeks to NOT worry about the painstaking task of understanding ‘why’ individual donors give and what it takes to build enduring relationships that increase lifetime values.

Three weeks to put on hold the real fundraising program, such as it is … and instead have a party.

Three weeks of pure escapism.

Three weeks and then back to the real ‘grind’ — or, depending on your perspective, the real challenges — of fundraising.

Yes, I’m counting the days, because I believe there are better ways they should be spent.


P.S. If you can’t simply ignore the #GivingTuesday commotion, try this alternative instead.