I’ve always been intrigued with the challenge of growing monthly giving programs.

We’re all familiar with the undisputed king of monthly giving — child sponsorship (this might be the first … Plan Spain, 1937).

[I’m not quite sure why SOFII included The Onion’s hilarious spoof of child sponsor programs in its coverage here. Although I must confess we at The Agitator have used The Onion’s ‘expose’! But I digress.]

However, cloning the approach for other kinds of charities and nonprofits, especially for advocacy organizations, can be difficult … even with the higher development and cultivation costs that can be justified on an ROI basis.

So I was pleased to receive this recent showcase of ‘brilliant fundraising products‘ from SOFII, several of which are designed to support monthly giving programs.

I especially liked the sponsor a dog (Dogs Trust), the reverse book club (Book Aid International), and Frontline (Greenpeace) programs. But there are 15 other products to look at as well.

I’d love to hear from Agitator readers about the ‘product’ (or other) approaches you are using to support donor investment in monthly giving programs.


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