A few days ago I vented on the subject of anonymity on the web. I was particularly focusing on anonymity as a political shield, and in situations where unidentified pundits purport to offer expert advice, evaluations (be they of products or charities), and the like. I'm agin it.

And I'm going to claim ethical, respect-the-customer, permission marketing evangelist Seth Godin as an ally. Here's what he has to say, broadening the context.


P.S. Please read the Comments on my original post for other points of view.

I am sympathetic to the whistleblowing scenario. But even here intentions matter, IMHO. There's a big difference between spiteful employees using privileged inside information to conduct a personal jihad against a company or nonprofit, and genuine attempts to seek reform or redress where malfeasance is at issue. Eventually true whistleblowers realize they'll need to step forward … we do live in a system where the accused get to see their accusers.

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