Bert Decker is a renowned communications trainer and executive coach. He's NBC Today's communications commentator, coach to Nancy Pelosi, author of several best-selling books on public speaking, etc.

Here's his list of Top 10 Best and Worst Communicators for 2007.


Mike Huckabee
Dr. Mehmet Oz
Al Gore
Ben Zander
Maria Bartiromo
Tony Dungy
Glenn Beck
Dr. Jim Dobson
Steve Jobs, Guy Kawasaki, Garr Reynolds
Oprah Winfrey


Alberto Gonzales
Michael Vick
Robert Eckert
Bud Selig
Nancy Grace
Fred Thompson
Larry Craig
Janet Jackson
George Bush
Suze Orman

Read Decker's post for the full color commentary.

Anyone care to nominate a Top 10 Best Nonprofit Communicators list?

Alright, how about Top 3?

OK, we'll accept any nomination!

Seriously, how would we know? How often do we see a nonprofit leader speak to an audience … live or on TV. Hell, I'd settle for a top-notch nonprofit CEO blogger or an occasional YouTube cameo!


P.S. Thanks to Guy Kawasaki's blog for the tip.

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