Here's a marvelous observation from Seth Godin:

“One of the hardest things to do is invent a brand with no opposite. You don't have an anchor to play against.

Does your team agree on who your opposite is?”

As it applies to your nonprofit or firm, the question forces you to think through who YOU really are. What are the essential defining or differentiating characteristics of your organization? Are they goals, people, style of operation, preferred strategies or solutions, what? Presumably, these are characteristics you value … rather highly. They happen to define your brand.

Then, to sharpen your thinking, identify an organization that, while operating in your general space, is as opposite in these characteristics from your organization as possible.

How hard are you working to NOT be like them? I know you personally are motivated by higher purposes, but isn't it fun just to be not like the other guy?! If you think that way, you're bound to be a more creative marketer.

If you really want to be like them, why not just fold up your tent and join them? They can probably do “them” better than you can anyway. And one less nonprofit to clutter the landscape.


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