Thanks to Marketing Profs for pointing us to this in-flight safety video from Virgin America.

MPs' point is: if the airline is so attentive to pleasing its customers that it went to the trouble of making more bearable the conventional safety video none of us watch, think how careful they must be about improving the rest of the flying experience.

Good point.

(And by the way, Virgin America deftly underscores this attitude with its tagline … “creating an airline people love”)

Do you apply this principle to the operations of your nonprofit?

Think about the simplest procedures and practices that create an impression about your organization …

  • How does your receptionist answer the phone? (And what about the rest of your staff?! If you have an in-bound 800# or service, what impression does it leave?)
  • Do you acknowledge donations promptly and with anything resembling sincerity?
  • Do you follow-up promptly on administrative requests, like “do not call” and address changes?
  • Are your basic public documents well-proofed and graphically appealing?

If your handling of the basics doesn't create a positive impression, why should anyone think you do the heavy lifting well?

Richard Branson, as much as you don't need one, you deserve a raise!


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