G’won, admit it … you google your name every now and then!

And what "personal brand" emerges?

In this article from Online Spin, Max Kalehoff of search marketing firm Clickable advises that folks who want to stand out and get ahead had better put some serious thought to their online "personal brand." He predicts that before too long "digital personal optimization" services will emerge … folks who help you burnish your personal online image!

Your personal brand is the net effect of the profiles you deliberately create on social and business networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, personal and company/organizational blogs and websites, as well as other online exposure, potentially more extensive, of which you might not be quite as conscious if you’re in the habit of making submissions to public bodies, getting quoted in the media and trade press, giving speeches and so forth.

Awhile back, Seth Godin offered this amusing caution (depending on your perspective) about "personal branding" in the age of Google … based on someone’s search for a housekeeper via Craigslist. The morale of the story … if you’re proud to be a binge drinker, don’t advertise it!

So, it’s OK. Take a few moments and check out your online personal brand. Does it need any polishing?!


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