In a lot of things I’m reading lately, the "trust" issue keeps popping up.

Here’s a piece on trust and brands.

Your nonprofit is a brand. If you’re fortunate, it’s a brand your target audience has heard of. The Agitator’s DonorTrends survey recently asked donors for their perceptions of 100+ national nonprofit brands. The results underscore how invisible most nonprofit brands are.

But while awareness is great, and hard to come by, it of course is just a foot in the door. A chance to attach a bit of meaning and affect. In fact, one could argue that awareness doesn’t really exist without some attached value connotation … however well- or ill-founded. And that brand meaning can be negative or positive.

What any brand must strive toward is earning the trust of its audience. Nothing is more precious. And nothing can be more fatal than losing that trust, once gained. Just consider the travails of the ACLU over the past few years.

How is your nonprofit going about earning trust? And what clumsy mistake might you make to lose it?


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