Even The Agitator gets caught up in Super Bowl fever, although we still think of an ‘end run’ as something a good fundraiser pulls off when the boss says ‘No!’ to a good idea. And a ‘double reverse’ is the trick play fundraising consultants run when they fail to meet projections.

Here’s a question …

What will happen to all those Broncos-branded, Super Bowl champ caps, shirts, and other apparel and usable stuff when the Denver Broncos lose to the Seattle Seahawks, as I know they will?

To the Secaucus, New Jersey landfill?


For the last 17 years all this spanking new apparel has been donated to World Vision, who in turn distribute the goods to the needy abroad. So while a Peyton Manning Super Bowl Champ tee shirt might not be worth much after Sunday in the US, to a poor kid in Zambia, Haiti, Nicaragua or Romania, it might be the first brand new shirt they’ve ever received.

This infographic from bluesodapromo tells the story …

Does your nonprofit ever have leftover swag from events? Be creative in putting it to good use.


P.S. You can still see Peyton Manning lose in person … Row 9, 50 yard line tickets are still selling at $11,934 apiece on the official NFL website.

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