MarketingProfs published an intriguing piece on Dunlop Tires and an offer Dunlop made at a recent trade show … let them tattoo the Dunlop logo on your body and you got a free set of tires. Apparently hundreds of Dunlop enthusiasts are now on a tattoo waiting list.

Talk about brand loyalty!

This got me to wondering …

Given that tattoos are rather mainstream by now, crossing demographic lines, surely there are plenty of progressive donors wearing one (or more). Think Angelina.

But is anyone out there sporting a tattoo with the logo of their favorite nonprofit? Not a peace symbol or some such generic insignia, but an actual organizational logo?

What might it take to make you sooo loyal to a nonprofit that you would take the plunge? You wear their hat, you use their mug, you wear their t-shirt, you “wear” their fundraising “badge” on your Facebook page. Why not a tattoo?

Sports teams and military units evoke this level of loyalty … what about MoveOn, Amnesty International, Habitat for Humanity, NARAL or the NRA? Lots of emotion in those organizations … plus, they could offer a free life membership to tattoo'd evangelists.

Still, probably no match for Dunlop Tires.

If getting a logo tattoo ranks 10, the top rung of the loyalty ladder, what is the highest loyalty rung you believe any nonprofit cause can aspire to? What is the highest loyalty rung you believe your nonprofit can aspire to?

If there's not a lot of emotion expressed in your organization, I'd say 5 — halfway up — is about the best you can hope for.

Tattoo-less Tom

P.S. Too bad The Agitator doesn't have a logo. Hmmm!

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